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Has the universe influenced us to purge residuals?
Hi everyone.

The more I've been learning about the Mandela Effect and the things that's changed, the more I am noticing this pattern; all the residuals I would have to prove (to myself) that I'm not going crazy I don't have any more.

For instance, as I have mentioned before, I worked at GM. I had many physical pieces of internal documentation (training materials, memos etc) that had "GM" "Cheverolet" "Cadillac" "Buick" and "Saab", both logos and names (either/or or both) on these papers.

I have gotten rid of all that stuff, and I tend to keep "interesting" stuff like that.

The same thing goes for the Coca~Cola logo. I used to collect Coke memorabilia like crazy in the 90's. I "grew up" and basically got rid of my collection over the years. I don't have any Coke stuff anymore, except a 2007 calendar that posses the current logo, which freaked me out when I actually looked at it.

Well, I've just been introduced to the Disney intro with Tinkerbell flying around the screen ME. I used to have a box of old VHS Disney movies. I lugged this box from house to house for a decade, probably longer. I just got rid of it 2 years ago when I came to accept the fact that I probably wouldn't purchase a player or watch them again.

I just find it curious that with these three examples, I actively got rid of these items, myself, on my own terms, within the last 6 years. I've seen people who, as an example, bought the movie "Bad Neighbors 2" only 'a few weeks ago' only to come to know it's been changed to "Neighbors 2" and see their copy now also says "Neighbors 2" - this isn't what happened with me... yet.

I suppose I'm curious if anyone else has noticed that it seems like the universe has influenced their decision to purge residuals rather recently?