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Two Strange Effects
1st: I was watching a YouTube video on the top 100 Mandela Effects of 2017. I was astounded, shocked, scared, dismayed... many different emotions! I watched it twice! I fwd it to my mother, ex wife, and girlfriend and watched it with two of them. Recently, yesterday actually, I re-watched it and it had changed!!! Hitlers eyes turning Blue was added, a bunch of stuff I remember was missing and new stuff I never seen before added in. This was actually more shocking to me than seeing it the first time I saw it! It was a saved bookmark that I had clicked on. Just... too much.

Comment: My good friend broke both his Clavicle and the parallel bone behind it when we were playing football as kids; I can clearly see his bone sticking up in my memory and remember seeing his x-rays. That back parallel bone no longer exists in humans... Scary! Idk why our bodies are being altered, or for what purpose, but if it is to save humanity from an extinction level event, then I suppose it's for the better, but nonetheless, its disconcerting.

2nd: My Step Father had a massive heart-attack about 8 years ago and had to have quadruple bypass. Almost everyone I've shown the Mandela Effect videos are scared because they recall the same memories I do. I've been trying to discern if those who remember are Geo-locational, age related (timeline), exposure related (next to a military base), and I really haven't found out much, but what I have discovered is my Step Father doesn't recall a single ME that happened from before his heart attack... everything that happened before then is HIS reality! Any ME's that have happened since after that, he does remember. My ex's father also had a heart attack and also doesn't remember any ME's. So my theory, people who can't recall ME's are on a different energy level, and chances are they are already dead in the timeline you remember them in.

EDIT: I just had a theory. The 4chan user stated the effects of the timeline splits were created due to a shift in consciousness, and no one was supposed to have experienced ME's, and that if we all collectively just accepted this reality as reality, that this timeline would be safe, but that if people keep remembering, that it will unravel their created timeline and humanity in this existence will cease to exist. Lol, makes you want to know more, but afraid to know at the same time in case just knowing could reset it. After reading the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, it's clear to me that an ancient culture could use their minds to affect their reality. I don't know what happened to them, but movies, such as "What the bleep do we know", only further prove that on a quantum level, we have more control over our reality than we care to admit. I wonder if everyone actually believed the world was to end in 2012, if it would have actually started to end? Pure unsubstantiated conjecture on my part, but interesting to postulate theories about.